Real Veg Shack – spring into action…

Our plans for Spring / this year!


021015ChickenNewHut_08aWinter arriving in March really upset our girls so they decided to stop laying – sorry for all of you that have called for eggs and gone away disappointed… Henrietta says sorry….

Easter Chicks

In the mean time we are incubating some eggs so fingers crossed we will have some real Easter Chicks for you to come and show your children.

Easter Plants

140316EasterPlants_02aYou could buy some of our Easter plants when you come…

Plans for our garden

We decided to grow our own ‘real’ veg that are fresh and taste the way they should! But when grow your own you always end up with a surplus so we want to share our surplus with you at a fair price!

New season planting has now started in garden, greenhouse and polytunnel…..

Look out for tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, salads and many more – any requests!


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