Pumpkins now available

Hurry a limited supply of pumpkins is now available. But don’t worry still all our other produce is still available which has been described as “so fresh and tastes so good!!” (Rachel Longley – thank you) HAD YOUR EGGS very nice i must say (Bob Moston – thanks)

Halloween arrives in Real Veg Shack
Halloween arrives in Real Veg Shack

Pumpkins – £1 – 3 depending on size

Other Gourds / Squashes £1

Marrows £1

Eggs £2.20 a dozen

Potatoes £2 for 2Kg

Carrots £1 a bunch

Beetroot £1 a bunch

Celery £1 a heart

Kale 50p a bag

Celeriac £1 a root

Cabbage Large £1 small 50p

Kohl Rabi 50p

Various chutneys coming soon….

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