Freshly Harvested Potatoes

Maris Peer Potatoes

Make sure you call for some potatoes this weekend the variety at the moment is Maris Peer. A popular new potato with creamy skin and flesh and a good, firm texture when cooked. This variety is excellent for boiling, wedges and chipping.

Maris Peer potatoes
Maris Peer potatoes £2 for 2 Kg

Try them and let us know what you think.

Home Made Chutney

Have you tried out chutney yet? Available now too…


Real Veg Shack does not waste surplus produce – we make it into chutney! Choose from 5 different recipes

  • Green Tomato
  • Apple & Tomato
  • Spicy Red Tomato
  • Tomato & Chilli
  • Beetroot

Enjoy with cold meats, sandwiches, cheese……

or with Mark’s personal favourite a generous slice of pork pie! From your local butcher of course….

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