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This weeks veg
This weeks veg

What do you think to our ‘real’ veg?

What veg would you like to see us sell?

My wife and I stopped by on the way home to Wicstun, in the very late afternoon/early evening. We noticed the sign, turned round, and went back. We bought a dozen eggs, and I think my wife maybe bought a plant or something. Those eggs were superb! Proper eggs. You can see the chickens running about from the shed vantage point, so you know they’re enjoying themselves! The shed is run on the Honour System – which I feel is how things should work. I can honestly say though that the eggs were “real” eggs, with taste and flavour. Good for you Mark! We’ll be stopping by more often in the future to sample more of your fayre! Bradley Daniel Siegfried Miley on Facebook

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