Seasonal Food

No strawberries at Christmas!
No strawberries at Christmas! But….

Sorry we don’t provide tomatoes or strawberries for Christmas! But….

Fresh Real Seasonal Produce
Fresh Real Seasonal Produce

We grow our veg with the seasons – our polytunnel allow us to extend the growing season a little by providing better growing conditions at start and end of season so we can provide fresh local produce for a little longer…. but strawberries and tomatoes on Christmas Day we don’t do – that’s not seasonal….

Benefits of eating seasonally.

1. Health Benefits

Seasonal foods are picked at the peak of freshness and offer higher nutritional content than out of season unripe fruits and vegetables providing your body with a wide variety of important vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and phytochemicals that you need to maintain vibrant health.

2. Sustainable Benefits

Seasonal foods are grown in a sustainable manner by farmers who really care about protecting our planet. These farmers rotate crops to increase soil fertility, use integrated pest management to control pests using beneficial insects whenever possible, and use sustainable composting methods for disposing of organic waste.

3. Environmental Benefits

Eating with the seasons and purchasing local foods helps to protect our planet because it reduces the number of miles your food has to travel before it reaches your plate. This helps cut back on the amount of fuel used which reduces pollution.

4. Economic Benefits

When you buy organic, seasonal, locally grown foods you help provide financial support to the farmers in your area which helps to grow your local economy. Seasonal foods are priced much more economically than out of season foods which will save you money on your grocery bills.