What is ‘real’ veg shack about?

Real Veg Shack

We believe local people should eat fresh locally grown ‘real’ veg that is seasonal. Our ‘real’ veg is not a perfect shape, soil, blemish or bug free; but neither has it travelled miles or had lots of chemical used on it – it simply tastes like veg used to and is nutrient rich. It may take a little longer to prepare than opening a bag of diced carrots or washed potatoes but the taste and nutrient value of this ‘real’ veg will more than pay back this time – enjoy!

The Real Veg Shack
The Real Veg Shack

You can find the ‘Real’ Veg Shack at Wicstun Cottage Bridge Farm York Road Market Weighton – almost opposite Britcom….

As an ex-farmer and now science teacher who seeks to educate pupils teachers and parents on just how their food is produced, I have produced the Discovering Our Countryside website with videos of food and farming, (have a look at www.discovering-our-countryside.co.uk ) helped arrange school visits to local farms and also visit schools as a STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) Ambassador  to promote the STEM subjects in modern food production. As a result of these visits it became clear that although schools wanted to grow food with pupils they did not always have the knowledge and expertise so I started his own allotment to use as a teaching resource via his web site.

The ‘Real Veg Shack’ was built for my wife Catherine to sell the surplus produce alongside the eggs she already sells.

Each day Catherine offers seasonal produce and soon various pickles and preserves to go alongside the eggs. She only harvests a sample each morning to keep them as fresh as possible so if you cannot see what you want give us a shout as we are not usually far away

This week’s veg include

  • Potatoes – great for chips with your eggs
  • Carrots – mucky from the garden but very tasty once washed…
  • Parsnips – delicious roasted with a drizzle of honey on…
  • Beetroot – have you tried it warm either boiled or roasted?
  • Celery – Catherine’s   current favourite lightly steamed and eaten as a vegetable