Today’s seasonal produce

Here is some of today’s seasonal produce.

2015-10-06 12.01.20a

Prices as below

Eggs £2.20 a dozen

Potatoes £2 for 2Kg

Carrots £1 a bunch

Celery £1 a heart

Kale 50p a bag

Celeriac 50p a root

Green beans 50p a bag

Chard 50p a bag

Cabbage Large £1 small 50p

Kohl Rabi 50p

Don’t see anything you fancy or any of above sold out just let us know up at house

2 thoughts on “Today’s seasonal produce

  1. been to your’s a number of times, HAD YOUR EGGS very nice i must say, do you need the boxs back that you put your eggs in, did come yester day to stock up on them, but all had gone left you the boxs for your eggs so you can use them again, keep up your good work, and thank you

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