Frequently Asked Questions

Why real veg?

Real = nutrient rich and taste like veg used to


It starts with the soil – we have re-mineralised our soil so it contains a healthy balance of nutrients. This means that the plants grown in this soil contain this same healthy balance of nutrients you need in your diet.


What product will you be selling?

We are trying to re-introduce the idea of seasonality – not any veg any time as modern shopping has led us to expect. So we will sell the product ready in the garden each week which will change with the seasons!


Do we use chemicals?

We endeavour to work with nature so are planting wild flowers to encourage good bugs to eat the bad bugs – so we hope we don’t need to use any chemicals but we will let you know how it goes!  But it does mean that our produce will not be uniform or blemish free and you may find the odd bug so make sure you wash and prepare the veg well before eating. A dip in salt water usually does the trick!