Wild Flower Drive

Last autumn I planted a wild flower mix down the sides of our drive. It looks fantastic at the moment – feel free to have a look if you come for any eggs or veg. The idea is that it attracts lots of bees and good bugs to our garden to each any pests that

Easter Gifts

Never mind them them sugar ladened chocolate eggs we have the real veg shack egg! Free range fresh and tasty! We also have Easter Plants – succulent plants that you can enjoy long after the last Easter Egg has gone A bargain at £3

Polyculture at the Real Veg Shack

What is polyculture? As well as conventional veg etc we are also trying something called ‘polyculture’ in 2 new beds I have dug this winter. Conventional veg growing rather like agriculture involves growing different veg like carrots in rows of just carrots. Polyculture is more like nature in that all the veg are grown together

Real Veg Shack Vandalised!

The ‘Real Veg Shack’ was vandalised by 3 idiots walking home at 4am! But don’t worry we won’t let that stop us! Part of the reason we started growing our own veg was to help with Mark’s work with schools in helping them grow veg in school. We produce a website about this: Discovering-Our-Countryside and

What is ‘Real’ Veg Shack?

Real Veg Shack We believe local people should eat fresh locally grown ‘real’ veg that is seasonal. Our ‘real’ veg is not a perfect shape, soil, blemish or bug free; but neither has it travelled miles or had lots of chemical used on it – it simply tastes like veg used to and is nutrient