Polyculture at the Real Veg Shack

What is polyculture? As well as conventional veg etc we are also trying something called ‘polyculture’ in 2 new beds I have dug this winter. Conventional veg growing rather like agriculture involves growing different veg like carrots in rows of just carrots. Polyculture is more like nature in that all the veg are grown together

Real Veg Shack Home Made Chutney

Real Veg Shack does not waste surplus produce – we make it into chutney! Choose from 5 different recipes Green Tomato Apple & Tomato Spicy Red Tomato Tomato & Chilli Beetroot Enjoy with cold meats, sandwiches, cheese…… or with Mark’s personal favourite a generous slice of pork pie! From your local butcher of course….

Gillshill School

It was great to take our ‘Real Veg Shack’ and Discovering Our Countryside stall to Gillshill School for their ‘What it means to be British’ themed day. As well as fresh produce from our garden we also took Eggs and Potatoes kindly donated by Robert Rook Weighton Wold Farm Market Weighton and Tomatoes donated by